24 May, 2006

the only way is up!

elephant stone - stone roses

i've been told off by one dear reader for being far too negative here.
so, i am going to write something positive.

life is NOT all bad. far from it. in fact life is pretty good.
of course it could be better, but then again, if life couldn't be improved, then what's the point in living?
always need something to look forward to, or move on to or just something to improve on.

he-who-shall-not-be-named is still around, but i have decided to let things go.
why should i sit around moping? why should i blame him completely for everything?
it was partly my fault too. so, we'll be friends. friends that crossed an invisible bridge, but still friends all the same. he's a good guy - just misguided (after all, how can he choose someone over me?! hehehe...)

anyway - just wanted to let you know that things aren't as bad as they have previously seemed.

And i'm on holiday from next week, and i get to see volcanoes, castles, greenery, ocean and beach.
and best of all, i get to be a kid again and sit in the back of the car with my mum & dad.
and NOT have fights with sister sin.....(sorry, a, miss you, but don't miss the back seat armrest fights!!)

ah...kyushu here i come!


Phill said...

No - things aren't that bad. There's a new Wedding Present album/dvd out (I'm going to see them next Monday at Birmingham Academy, yaay!). There's a new Sonic Youth album out next month, and they're playing the Fuji Festival in Japan this year, cool man! Have a great holiday Smiler!!

Anonymous said...

You and your big elbows...That armrest was mine, and you know it! (even if I'm not going to be there in person, I'm there in spirit - giving you a sharp elbow-jab. Your elbow may have been bigger, but mine were pointier).

Little Sister