29 April, 2006


loomer - my bloody valentine

i have no idea what's going on with my computer...but the internet is *so* slow!
feel like i have gone back to dial-up. it takes so long to upload & download stuff, that i just give up.
as for websites with pictures? forget it!

thing is i am not really sure what's going on. is it my computer? is it the internet connection? is it the cable? wish i was more comuter savvy so i could find out what exactly the problem is. guess i should start by calling the internet company...in the meantime if anyone has any ideas about what could be wrong, please please tell me...

remember when we first got internet at home? and we all had dial up?
and we thought it was so cool & fast...
then broadband came along...
now i am getting *so* frustrated with the slowness, and to think that five years ago i would have been impressed with it all.
everything's getting faster & we're getting more & more impatient, and want everything NOW.
sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel & i'm trying to run along & catch up with everything/everyone.
maybe i shouldn't call the internet company & just go slow for a while?

hm....nah! don't have to patience & i want to look at pretty pictures....


j-ster said...

Call them! Its no good getting dial-up when you are paying for broadband. And if theres a problem with the computer then the people at apple help desk are pretty good to talk to!

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j-ster said...

I just wanted to say that looking back over the titles of your posts, im glad to see that you are as addicted to ... as i am!

Now that im actually here tho, id like to ask that you not delete the above piece of spam, it is actually a gem. I have never seen anyone try to hypnotise an audience into wanting something they already have via blog comments. Maybe its working tho... something about the temperature of the ROOM is making ME realise i want another layer of clothing on...

Indigorayz said...

Hi sweety!
It sounds like the computer needs a good kick up the bummo! Call the company! If you want slow you can find slow in many places and choose to have it.BUT whenyou are paying for slow but want fast surely you are entitled to fast???
As for being 32 disappointed and foot stampingly hurt......go ahead have a tantrum.Its your right.....I am having a few myself of late due to disappointments of my own.........need a shoulder then gve me a call!

Anonymous said...

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