14 January, 2006

the year's saddest day?

'take it or leave it' - the strokes

was reading a article in the telegraph today, and apparently 23rd January will be the saddest day of 2006.
supposedly it's all to do with SAD, starting work, debts from xmas and other random factors.

well, let me tell you, it is NOT the saddest day of 2006.
why? it's my bloody birthday, THAT's why!

can't believe out of all of the days in the year they have to choose my birthday.
and to add insult to injury, the psychologist who came up with the date works at the university i went to (cardiff)

so, bah humbug, to you, mr psychologist. i am going to make sure that 23rd January is going to be of the happiest of 2006.

so there.


j-ster said...

I sure will be happy on the 23rd, cos i think i will be seeing you on that day! Lets go out for dinner!!!

MissSin said...

oh...32 is going to damn good birthday.
my first summer birthday!

new exciting experience for me....

arumanda said...

that's kinda funny.

i'll keep an eye out on how things go up here.

make it the happiest birthday you've ever had. enjoy enjoy

j-ster said...

How about a nice dinner at a semi-expensive beachside restaurant overlooking the water? Its going to be super hot, and we can walk there and back....

(all you cold northern-hemisphere-ites jealous yet?)