31 January, 2006

i'm back...but i'm not here

'saturday sun' - nick drake

i'm back.
i don't really have much to say tonight - just i am back.

i had a fabulous time, and it feels really weird being back here again.
i'm not jet lagged, but nothing feels real or right.

feel like i am in some kind of limbo - got to get back to my 'real' life, but on the other hand i don't want to let go of my summer feeling.
but i know it's going to fade, and all of those two weeks' worth of memories will get fainter & fainter.

i don't want that to happen.

bah humbug....i can't let things be damn simple can i?

i will write more about it all & post my photos....when i have energy.

finally - before i neglect them - i want to say a *huge* thank you to indigogirl & j-ster.
and the indigo & j families. thank you for letting me invade your lives - i really enjoyed it all.


dipchick said...

welcome back! You know, you may have been in Japan a tad longish when you start to use phrases like "my summer feeling"...

arumanda said...

glad you're back.

Indigorayz said...

It was sooooooooo good to have you with us! When are you coming back???
The upside to your summer feeling is that you will get it back again soonish! We have to wait a whole year down here!

j-ster said...

Hang on, we are still in the middle of summer!

Dont you love going back with no jetlag tho. Another advantage of holidaying in Oz! My families loved having you gals here and would have you back in a second. Arumanda and dipchick, you gonna join us again next year?