04 November, 2005

to flirt or not to flirt

'dare' - the wedding present

this single girl thing is not easy, you know.
after being with someone for 6 years, it's really weird being on my own again.

a lot of the pain has gone - and though i feel sad that it ended, i know it was for the right reasons. we couldn't find a way forward & agreed together that we should end our relationship.

but, we are trying to be friends - not easy to change pace, but at least we care enough about each other to try.

so, that part of my life is kind of sorted out...or maybe just boxed away for a while.

now, my new dilemma is the whole flirting thing.
i realised today what's different now.... it's not that i have recently discovered flirting - i LOVE flirting...
no, what i've discovered is that flirting is different when i'm in a relationship & when i'm not.
when i was still a girlfriend, i enjoyed flirting, but didn't really read anything into it.

it was safe - i knew nothing would come of it, and i didn't want anything to come of it.

now though, i don't have my safety net (aka boyfriend) anymore. i'm finding myself wondering more about whether it means anything more, or whether i should be doing it or not.
and you know what, while i still enjoy flirting, some of the enjoyment has gone because i worry more now.

guess i need to chill more and NOT think about things.
have to confess that i have one boy that i am greatly enjoying a flirtfest with.... very sexy young man...and lovely to be around...as 2 of my good friends say - 'don't expect too much, and you'll never be disappointed'

so i really must stop reading more into it all and just go with the flow....
maybe something will happen, maybe it won't - but in the meantime, i'm going to keep on flirting.


arumanda said...

yay yay. flirt your heart away baby. it's a heap of fun and it doesn't always have to lead to anything despite the fact that you no longer have the safety net of having the boy in the background.

the worrying part, i guess it's all a little scary. all that fear of rejection thing that messes up so many humans, comes to the forefront and can play havoc with the mind and heart. but the grand thing about flirting is that it's really only superficial fun isn't it? it's the part before the worrying and all that starts to happen.

keep us updated on your flirting escapades. lovely. it's your time young missy. enjoy enjoy

j-ster said...

Flirt! Flirt! I vote for flirting! Flirting is fabulous, free and fun! Flirt away and who knows, anything can happen. I want to read your flirting escapades too!

Anonymous said...

To flirt or not to flirt, to wear boots or not wear boots - these are the questions that we all ask! Flirting is cool though man, go for it Smiler!