31 October, 2005


'smile' - telepopmusik

developed (by complete spaced out chance) a new word last week...smarkle.
this word is combination of smile & sparkle....
it can be a noun or a verb, and it also has an adjective (smarkly)...

don't you love it when you make a new word? i feel all webster or oxford-like.
then i get visions of grandeur and think i can write a dictionary of misssinglish.
that's where the mental block comes in...

so, my dictionary has about 3 words:

charlotte (n.) a woman who is unintentionally being slutty

ear debunger (n.) those cotton things that you use - aka cotton buds

greeny (n.) an exclamation to be used when crossing the road when the little man changes colour

smarkle (have to admit that it's my favourite)

oh! that's 4 words - i am WAY more creative than i thought....not!
don't think they're all 100% mine, but am taking full claim for smarkle - that's mine.

But please please spread the smarkle love.....and if you have any new words that you want to donate to my 'dictionary of misssinglish' they're more than welcome....

1 comment:

arumanda said...

i love smarkle. i'd like to be in the running for miss smarkle world. when are the pre-qualifying rounds?

here's one i like, i don't know if i made it up. it's entirely possible i just heard it around, liked it and started using it lots