25 July, 2005


man - this blogging lark isn't as easy as i thought.
finally get myself sorted out and set up - and then i couldn't post anything from home.
cursed & cursed & cursed then realised it wasn't helping and went on a problem solving mission.

found out that both browsers i have (ie5 & safari) aren't supported yet.
SO i go and get myself mozilla-ed & here we are.

but i have to say that i am a little bit proud of myself...i actually solved it all by myself.
hurrah! maybe i am not such a space cadet after all.

still haven't decided what i am going to write about.
think the way it's going is just going to be a series of randomness which is the out pouring of a my frazzled little head.
(wow - that was a long sentence - don't even know what i meant, but it was kind of stream of consciousness - think virginia woolf in the 21st century, with a mac and completely unliterary - that's me)
hah - maybe that could be my profile: an unliterary virginia woolf of the 21st century.

think i am having a bit of a mental meltdown today...tired & hot & a tyhpoon's coming.
should go to bed - but i think i will watch trashy tv instead....

what a productive life i lead.

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