01 May, 2009

And things begin....

A lot has happened during the past week. Not huge monumental things; wait actually YES, some big things have happened.

Let's start with the little things first:

My face is looking a lot better; still have 2 scars around my but they are rapidly fading. Sister Sin recommended something called Bio-Oil which a natural herbal remedy than you put on damaged skin to make it heal quicker. And she's going to get me a bottle (Thanks in advance, A). Have been using Vitamin E based skin care for the last month too to help aid the healing process.

Golden Week starts properly tomorrow (had Wednesday off, but that doesn't really count). Have lots of nice plans which include dinner, picnics, seaside, a hike, fresh air, sunshine & friends. Am really looking forward to it.

Job hunting has been a tad disappointing, but not totally unexpected. I have chosen a pretty bad time to move across the oceans (actually, i am not moving across any oceans - but 'moving across Siberia' doesn't sound as romantic...) But it hasn't been a complete disaster. Basically, it appears that there aren't many (any?) full-time teaching positions available at the moment in Stuttgart. However, there are lots of free-lance/part-time opportunities. Already have around 4 companies who have expressed an interest in meeting me once i have a German address.
And failing all that, I'll just become a hausfrau...

And now the big things:

Well, actually, it's one big thing.

I handed in my resignation at work; two more months & I am done!!

I decided that I couldn't go on like this with no definite dates; no definite plans; just uncertainty.

So, had a talk with K & The Parental Sins over the weekend & everyone agreed that making the cut was the best thing. And it was.
I feel *so* much better for having a clearer idea of when I am going.

Now I just have to get myself moved to Germany....hmmm....

But I have been making small inroads into the move:

Every rubbish day (3 days a week), I am chucking out at least one bag of crap from my place. So far, I managed to throw away approximately 24 bags of stuff...

I have researched moving companies. I have got it down to Yamato or Nippon express. Mainly because:

a) their depots are about 10 minutes walk from my place which may mean more flexibility in moving,

b) they have offices in Europe,

c) I've heard of them, and

d) they do door-to-door deliveries

I have decided to go for the door-to-door option, which is not the cheapest way, because no-one lives anywhere near the airports/ports. It would mean up to a 3 or 4 hour drive just to pick the stuff & having to deal with customs bureaucracy in a foreign language. No thank you. Am actually going to get things sent to my parents' place in France. "But aren't you moving to Germany?", I hear you cry. Yup, I am. But my parents live nearer to Stuttgart than K's parents, even though they're in a different country. Europe is a funny little place.....

Have also got some information on 'Take your stuff away' companies. These lovely companies, for a small fee, will come round and just take everything away. They will even buy some things from you. I really cannot be arsed with a Sayonara sale. Too much hassle & from all my friends' reports of their own sayonara sales, quite stressful. So, if you want any of my stuff, let me know & perhaps we can do a little deal.... Otherwise, the 'Take my stuff away' company is going to get the majority of it.

The next step is contacting these companies & getting them to come round & make some estimates. My mission for May is to get both Yamato & Nittsu people round to give me quotations; choose the better offer; get the boxes delivered and start packing.

Then June, I will start getting in touch with the 'Stuff' companies & see how much they will charge.

And hope by the third week of June, I will have dates for them both.

And in the first few days of July, I will be on a plane to K & my new life in Stuttgart.

At this precise moment in time, I am really happy, positive & excited.

I think I may end up a stressed and quivering in one of the packing boxes by this time next month though...

I will keep you posted.....


Martine said...

I'm sooooo happy to hear a nice positive post coming out of here, you've had such a rough trot lately honey - time to move on up. Woooot. Can't wait to see how your fabulous new life unfolds.

Anonymous said...

There is one major task you have missed off your list - organising farewell pissups!! Trying to make some sense of my less than 3 months to go to the great long holiday but I'm sure there is time for plenty of social outings between now and July 31st.

Keep up the happiness levels

Auntie Sin

MissSin said...

Thank you, ladies.

Have just started organising my farewell party. Well, actually, have asked Shingo to be in charge of it. Am sure he'll make a party to remember!

Auntie Sin - only 3 more months? Wow! Any plans for the after-life? (Damn, that came out worse than i intended...)