02 February, 2009

The Long Goodbye begins...

I know i have mentioned this before, but I am planning to leave Japan in May.
I'm going to follow The German round the world - kind of like an international stalker, except that he does actually want me there with him.

The exact date is not fixed, but i (we) needed to fix a general date/time so we/i can start planning the move. May seemed like a good choice; April is usually busy work-wise here (well, until the economy crashed....) and the weather's better in Germany. Nothing like moving to a new country to be greeted by rain & grey skies...

So, May it is.

Am not exactly sure how i feel about everything at the moment.
I feel WAY more optimistic about moving to Germany after spending time with K over the holidays. And i can honestly say that i am excited about moving & i am really looking forward to the next stage of my life. To put it very very simply, I want to be with the German.

However, the thought of saying goodbye to the people i care about here makes me very sad.
Leaving the country i have called home for half my life also makes me sad & a bit melancholy at times.
Negotiating my way round a new culture, new job, new city does send twinges of panic through me.
Also, the thought of learning a new language does stress me.

But the thing that gives me the biggest stomach twists is the thought of physically moving out of my flat.
I have lived there for 11 years; i am a hoarder; i am unbelievably untidy - Need i say more?
How on earth am i going to negotiate my way through the mountain of crap i have accumulated?
How will i decide what to take? What should i through away? Will i regret it once i HAVE thrown it away?
That is the thing that stresses me most. Not the goodbyes, new language, new culture or new life. Just the moving.


arumanda said...

yeah, good luck with that moving thing. best advice i have is the post office. fantastic. they come to your door and give you a decent discount over 10 boxes.

but you'll make it out alive. and then new beginnings for you. it's all very exciting. my moving experience was horrendous, but i survived it. nay, i've forgotten about it. i'm still yet to unwrap all of my boxes and in all honesty i've forgotten everything i ever owned and what's inside. it's all just things. you keep all the important stuff inside your heart.

enjoy the process. more beautiful moments in your life that is. now it's your turn for mass exodus. your turn to say the goodbyes instead of having them said to you.

Sandi said...

My advice: be merciless. You are starting a whole new era in your life, so greet it with freshness. Be uncluttered. Throw away at least one thing every night, and by May you'll have whittled it down to the essentials. It's just stuff.

j-ster said...

Er, when in May? Is there any possibility of catching up while im over for the wedding? Ill be there from the 14th to the 23rd...?

Indigorayz said...

In my experience there is probably ALOT of stuff that needs to go.Do you really want to PAY to take rubbish with you half way around the world???
I think you have to be hard core when it comes to it.Get a bottle and some mates (the mates are important as they give you the push that you need when in the shall I keep this or throw this dilemma.
The other thing to consider is, what exactly do you NEED in life. I turned up in oz with 11 boxes Small ones. I threw half of that away too.........Go for it girl. Do it graudually and you wont be overwhelmed!
Much Love