15 August, 2008

Consumptive Diaries Part 19: Weekly Round Up

Just got back from the hospital for my monthly check-up.
Apparently, my liver function is down, but that's normal when you're taking a crap load of antibiotics.
Also found out that the 5% i have to pay covers way less than i first anticipated.

The 5% only covers directly TB related tests & medicine.
Antibiotics = OK
Drugs for side effects of antibiotics = OK
Blood tests to see if drugs aren't causing any serious damage = Not OK

Still, 70% is covered my regular insurance, so i just have to pay 30% for my blood test (around ¥2000) .

K also had his monthly check. His sputum is now 3, his lungs are fine & so is his liver (minor miracle there...) Still can't go back to work though. Also not allowed to take an aeroplane.
Also under official quarantine, with a public health centre lady visiting him every week.
If he were in Germany, he'd be back at work...the wonders of Japanese bureaucracy, eh?

But anyway, enough TB talk for the moment & onto something a bit more exciting.
Actually, i think it's pretty exciting. It may even be my 15 minutes of fame - though probably more like 1 minute. But anyway...

A while back (a year, perhaps?), Mooney asked me to help him with some English lyrics for a song he'd been asked to write for an upcoming movie. So, we met up at Pronto; he explained his song and the image it was supposed to project. And together we put the lyrics together.
This autumn the film will be released. And it isn't a little film either. It's a big Japanese film, with actors i have actually heard of in it!
The movie is called
夢のまにまに (Yume no mani mani) & the cast includes Rie Miyazawa, Masatoshi Nagase, and, Martine's favourite, Tadanobu Asano.
As i haven't seen the film yet, i can't really tell you much about it. But you can read a bit about it here.
But the REALLY cool thing is that Mooney has credited me for the lyrics on the song (Chimney Road). AND my name appears in the end credits! Isn't that cool, my little 1 minute of fame?


Sandi said...

Apart from the minor financial stuff, that all sounds pretty great. Kevin's health is improving, he's NOT back in Germany, and you have a little fame and can be proud to be a part of something cool.

I am going to be in a group art show at my new studio space. I only have the older paintings that were in storage here, as the Japan stuff hasn't arrived yet, but I get to meet all my neighbors, which will be cool.

Kisses for you and K.

arumanda said...

thats very cool. nice one miss sin.

odaiji ni ne