04 February, 2008


Been feeling ou of sorts for the last few weeks. Would love to explain why i've been feeling that way, but i have on idea why.

I've had this feeling of dissatisfaction, but nothing in particular to be dissatisfied about.
I've been feeling irritated, but with no focus or target for my irritation.
I've been feeling an itch, but don't know what needs to be scratched.

What the hell is up with me? Is there some deep seated self-destructive force that can't accept being happy?
Or is it just the residue from the holiday reason?
Or is it simply my hormones being nasty?

Wish i knew and if anyone has any suggestions on what to do, i would appreciate it.


Martine said...

seasonal affective disorder?

Martine said...

another thought: have you been drinking more than usual lately? try a couple of weeks on the wagon and see if that works. you are quite the binge-drinker honey, it really knocks your body and nervous system around and can often cause irritability and depression. here's an interesting link. particularly the bit that starts from "less positive moods"....

you have no reason to be feeling this way so look into the physical.


arumanda said...

i often feel like that either because of hormones, or in a precedence to big change.

dunno. only you know really. the answer comes when you're ready to hear it. but i hope you feel the way you'd prefer to be feeling, soon.

Sandi said...

I'm thinking it's winter. I get the same way every winter, and it's worse when coupled with PMS. You obviously need some Girl Time. A drink this week, perhaps?

Sigsy said...

Have a nice cup of tea.
You'll be better in no time at all!