06 February, 2007

・・my boom・・

‘kreuzberg’ – bloc party

those of you who know me, know that I knit. I may not look like a knitter, but I am.
Love sitting in front of the tv, watching complete and utter mind-numbing crap, whilst making something.
There are a few reasons for this...
One) that if I didn’t have my hands full of knitting, I’d probably have huge bag of something incredibly fattening;
Two) I find it incredibly relaxing.
Three) I need to do something with my hands while watching tv (oo-er & see one)
Four) I like making stuff for other people

Now, I don’t regard myself as particularly creative, but knitting is something that not many people are doing any more. And in the last few years, lots of my friends have had babies – so I’ve been making lots of baby stuff. Now, I don’t wish to blow my own horn, but I think there is some rather nice about receiving hand made baby stuff. (think I just did blow my own horn there…but HEY, somebody’s got to do it)

Anyway – knitting wasn’t what I intended to write about today…but maybe I should post a bit more about it & do a bit of ‘show & tell’

I want to tell about my NEW little hobby. For my birthday I received a badge making machiney thing (thanks, takeshi!). And I’ve been experimenting with different things – hand-drawn pictures; computer-made graphics & my own photos. It’s so much fun… and it’s another thing that people aren’t doing. So I get to show off again! Above are a few I made at the weekend…
So, if you want a badge or something knitted, I am your girl! (bear in mind that I can knock out a badge in 10 minutes or so…but knitted things take a while, unless you want something incredibly small, like a pinky warmer)


arumanda said...

what a positively fantabulous present to give someone. takeshi is a star. that sounds like so much fun. punch those pins and needles away. creation is a beautiful thing and i'm sure you're very good at it.

MissSin said...

thank you, sweety!

Sandi said...

Hey, where's MY badge? Something with a black cat on it, maybe?

I do love my mohair gloves. Will you teach me how to knit?