11 December, 2006

fantastic fuji

yndi halda - 'dash and blast'

just wanted to share a couple of photos from my to trip to kyushu.
can't believe how lucky i was with the weather & my seat in the plane.
doesn't fuji look gorgeous from above?

in other news, life is good. coasting down to the end of the year & new year break.
also starting to plan my trip to england & france in february. (shit time of year to go, but the flights are dead cheap...)

and just planning to relax, catch up & recharge at the end of the year.

oh yeah, guess i better do some xmas shopping too...arghhhh....


j-ster said...

They are some really gorgeous pics! Wow! You gotta put them up on flickr! I love how you can see the whole coastline!

arumanda said...


tanabata said...

Those are great! I've only managed to see Fuji once clearly, and that was speeding by on the shinkansen.