09 November, 2006

.autumn skies.

'the revolution will be streaming' - saxon shore

it's that time of year again...autumn.
love it. think of all the seasons, this one is my favourite here.
english autumns are nasty & evil & just a long wet prelude to an even longer & darker winter.
but japanese ones? lovely!
there's that nip in the air, the pure blues skies, the vivid colours & excellent food.
love it!

and one of the things i like most is that fuji comes back to us.
from mid-april to about now, mount fuji disappears into a mist of smog & heat haze.
but around now, she (always thought of fuji as female...) comes back in all her glory.
had my first glimpse of a snow-covered fuji yesterday morning on the train into work.
then, had an awesome view of her last night when the sun was setting - see the photo i took with my keitai last night (fuji's lurking on the right hand side...)

don't know why, but i always feel better if i see fuji in the morning. and luckily, during the autumn/winter season, i can see fuji most mornings from the train on my way to work.

but you know the sad thing? every morning, i look out of the window, hoping for my daily glimpse, and i am the only one looking. everyone else is absorbed in their books/games/newspapers/etc.
i find that incredibly sad, but it also satisfies me....because i am alone in my 'fuji admiration society'. it's like fuji just belongs to me!


BigJ said...

Ah.. Now that's better!

All that previous negativity was starting to worry me.

Have to admit catching a glimpse of Fuji San on the train in the mornings is a major uplifting experience for me also.


dipchick said...

ah, I miss autumnal Tokyo. The winter nip has hit Cuba, it is a chilly 28 degrees celcius and sunny... Come and visit!


Sandi said...

Can I join?