08 April, 2008

Took me a while to get going on Saturday, but i am *so* glad i did.

The German & i made our way up to Inokashira koen to hang with Martine & friends for hanami.

Was a great day with trannies, beer, hoops, beer, water pistols, beer, terminator voice overs, beer and lots & lots of smiles.

I never regret going up to Martine's end of the world. Just wish it were closer (although on the grand scale of things, i guess it really isn't that far...)

Thanks Martine for organising us all!


Martine said...

My pleasure - so happy you came, it was an awesome day, ne!

Sigsy said...

It wa a great day!
This could be the 2nd entry I made on the comments because the other one disappeared.
But it was mad
and the trannies
and the hooping
and the kids
and the babies with sunnies