03 March, 2008

Sping has Sprung?

It was a lovely day on Saturday, so the German and me decided to go out and explore his neighbourhood. We decided to skip the trail of Naka-ku's monuments (did you know there's a monument for "Japan's First Modern Day Roadside Trees?" Yeah, Yokohama is FULL of exciting firsts...)
Anyway, K and headed off to Negishi Park - site of Japan's first western style horse race (yup, Yokohama REALLY is a city full of firsts)
Now it's just a huge expanse of space with plum blossoms, a horse museum (with real horses/ponies) and just a nice amount of wide open space.

There were also the flesh-eating horses, that we had to take care of....

K enjoyed his own bit of horse riding (he was a bit put off by the flesh-eating horses, so decided to ride the plastic one instead - not quote as fun, but he seemed to enjoy it)

And even more plum blossoms.

Yup, was a nice stroll. And i think winter might be finally over. Yeah!


Sandi said...

I think that's the happiest blog post you've ever written.

MissSin said...

Yup, the German makes me smile.
Never ever thought i'd say that.
A german making me smile? Wow.

arumanda said...

there is a HILARIOUS looking book in the tccs library called 'the good german'. i'm sure it's not supposed to be funny and i haven't taken the time to flip through it, but ever time i see it it makes me chuckle and think of you.

glad to see you're enjoying life. keep up the spring in your step!