02 July, 2007


You Are A Friendly Ex

You and your ex are just friends - great friends really.

(At least that's what you keep telling yourself!)

While civility is a good thing, make sure you're not secretly wanting more...

'ex-girlfriend' - no doubt

have a had a freaky few days. well, a 'few days' would be friday & today.
don't really know what it means in the great balance of things, or even if there is some deep meaning to it all....but there's some damn weird timing in this world.

so, yeah, better write what's been happening.

well, it all started last week. martine invited me to join facebook, so i did.
then on thursday started looking around various listings in facebook (high school, university and stuff) and found a few friends....lovely to touch base with them - people i hadn't heard from in YEARS...
anyway - one of the people i found was an ex from those days. the boy who's responsible for making me have a thing for irish boys (and who will hereby be known as i-boy)

haven't seen i-boy for about 10 years now - not since i finished uni and came back here.
been a damn long time, but there still seems to be sparks flying all over the place. pretty scary, but then again, not really, because he's half way around the world. but yeah, internet flirtation is damn fun....

that's not all that weird though.

what was the weird thing, was that not only was i-boy in contact with me friday - also THREE other exes! all sporadic emailers. all in different places. all emailing for different things.

very very bizarre.

it's all too weird to explain clearly - can't quite get my head around it all. one day - 4 exes?
what are the chances of that?

then today, ex-j-boy also contacted me through facebook. somehow he had found me there...
(obviously searching for my name...hasn't he got ANYTHING to do in his spare time except mope over me...sad bastard....)

girls chuckles evilly to herself and walks away rubbing her hands together thinking of many things...some not altogether too clean....

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Kenzamurai said...

That's pretty weird but i've had these weird moments..something really similar.. wondered what it all meant but i did not fully find out what. But I took it as an encouragement ha! Hey So sweet you have a facebook! Add me to urs or I will to mine!!